Saturday, May 11, 2013

Honoring Mom: Mother's Day 2013

In my search for photos to use with a different project, I found one of my mom that I had forgotten about. It was taken at our last Thanksgiving together in 2011. We were having a  makeover directed by Kim, who was practicing for her MaryKay business.

Although, we suspected that mom was quite ill, she tried to keep it hidden, because she was afraid that everyone would stop her from going out and doing what she loved best. What she loved best was working with children as a teacher.  There was nothing she loved more or found more rewarding than teaching. She didn’t ever want to retire and she surely didn’t want to be old.

When my mother met a child she didn’t look at gender, race, culture, social or economic background, religion or disability. What my mom saw was the "God" given potential that every child has to succeed in life.

My mom used every creative way she could find to give every child a chance, for no matter how long she was their teacher. And if she saw that the parents were in need she found a way to help any who were willing to finish high-school and make a better life for their family.  A lot of what my mom did cost our family financially and it was a sacrifice we gladly supported on many levels. There were many things mom did without; however, for her, finding a creative solution was just as much an achievement and an adventure as anything.

She did everything she did out of a love for children and a life-time of service to the God she loved. She didn’t always succeed and sometimes people were not supportive, but one thing mom never did was, she never stopped doing what she felt God called her to.

She believed this verse from the book of Jeremiah: “ As for me and my house We will serve The Lord!”


Kathleen said...

What a gift to the children in her life! Thanks for sharing.

LLMartin said...

Thank you so much, Kathleen, I hope your Mother's day was wonderful too!

MYSAVIOR said...

What a beautiful tribute to you mom.


LLMartin said...

Thank you Sue. :)I hope you are well and creative these days.