Saturday, January 12, 2013

Linda L Martin's Saturday Morning Brain Storm

Saturday Morning Brain Storm  January 12th, 2013

Promoting My Art!

You know something. Im sitting here trying to figure out how my schedule got so full and how my time got so messed up and how on earth I can keep producing impressive high quality art while trying to promote.

Promoting anything on line gets more complicated by the day. I’m buried under a land slide of Social Media options. I have no choice but to rethink everything. I know that I don’t have time to reinvent the wheel. 

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Pros and cons go through my head all the time. 
It  is exhausting.

Yet some people figure it out quite well.  And they not only survive but hit the big time. Yet the type of money I want to bring in with what I am doing; I’ve never met anyone yet doing what I do that has done it except  One or two people.  One died last year.

Stay on story?  Focus? Arrgh .. Creative expression and the freedom to do it.. vs the savvy business principles. What a weird conflict to find myself in. What If I just had the freedom to paint whatever and know that it will be seen at the end of it.  How do I make that happen?

 Today in my brief brain storm I have have decided to slim down and de-clutter.  It will be an arduous process. I have find out what has sold and see if It will sell again. Then multi-task that into promotions.  The rub is .. how the heck do I figure out the time to do it.

There are simultaneous trends happening too.  The Shabby Chic has grown into something that is more like  Prairie Self-sufficiency that you can buy don’t have to Make. The colors are muted milk paint with a few bright warm colors thrown in. And a new baroque is making inroads with classy chic gilt age quality vogue… I just don’t know what to call it. But it is trending and it doesn’t have a name. it includes really good complicated art that plays out beautiful. You can see it all the time on Pinterest.  People just want beautiful things with classic lines be they shabby hand-made prairie art or the new baroque.

I want to be like Jackie O! I want my art to be classic and current without being driven by the trends.  Again as always how the heck do you get your voice out where it can be heard.

For more details:
Please Write $35Gift Cert in subject line


Pamela Dunmire, Two Oaks Studio said...

You hit it on the nail head, I have been pondering all these things too, as I ramp up for this years marketing.

I wish us both good luck.

LLMartin said...

Me too.. Good luck Pam. Hope we can figure it out and excell! =0)