Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Nikki from Life

This painting is one of the quick studies that I did. It came about because I was photographing fruit and reflections of color for a project for my art students at the time. Nikki just came over and sat down in the middle of everything. This study was from 2004.
"Kitten With Pear" (detail)
Oil on Gessoed Paper
9 by 11 inches
by LindaLMartin Artist
Original is $300.00
If you would like to make an offer on this painting please email info@llmartin.com
 In 2000 I moved to an apartment in a small town in the horse country of Virginia. It was a beautiful big apartment. I didn't have a lot of furniture, just a few pieces that people had given me. I was photographing my apartment one day and suddenly noticed that Nikki was very carefully  walking into each shot and posing.

When I suddenly got a clue I started taking his photo. He really liked it. And being part of the creative process, I think helped him adjust from being a cat that had the fields, pastures, hedgerows and fence-lines of rural life to living in town and not being allowed to go out side. It wasn't long until Nikki was posing for me when I painted. 

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