Friday, February 26, 2010

CrazyHorses, and Why I Paint Them.

Crazy Horses

Ok well it’s not unusual for an artist to work in more than one medium and more than one style. The style I love to play in is Abstract Expressionism. These are free flowing almost emotional driven paintings that can sometimes be very spiritual and are always at least for me Very Very BRIGHT!

I usually work in this style, which is very fast for me, when I need to loosen up my more conventional work because it is a little too predictable. Working like this allows me work out some of the stress associated with the higher expectations of conventional portrait work.

I’m working a little at a time to fine tune them some while at the same time keeping them very free. These two paintings I finished last night are some the exercises. Almost like doodles. But so much more.

“Spirit Horses” and “The Foals” I hope you enjoy them both. In a few weeks they will be released through my Etsy StoneFlur Store as Fine Art Reproductions. If you would be interested in previewing and perhaps buying one then just email me at Please write CrazyHorses in the subject line.

Update: "The Foals" and several other abstract expressionist prints and paintings have just be listed in my etsy store: Please check them out and let me know what you think. I am having some color adjustments to make with " The Spirit Horses" so please check back or email me if you would like to reserve a print. ( up-dated 3/11/09)

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