Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pink Ponies for Spring !! Fun Little Minatures in ACEO format

 The Story of the Pink Pony
LindaLMartin(c)2010 All rights reserved
When I was a child my grandmother use to tell us this story about her experiences riding ponies with her friends after a day at the beach.  Everyone was mounted and ready to go except grandma. 

There was only one pony left. 
The poor thing had some sort of rash so the vet had suggested covering the pony with calamine lotion to reduce the itch. Well as we all know calamine lotion is pink. So the pony was covered from head to toe with pink.  
Grandma’s riding experience wasn’t a pleasant one but how many people do you know can make the claim that their grandma  actually rode a pink pony!
 These Pink Ponies are Acrylic paint on # 300 Strathmore Watercolor paper painted in the expressionist style. They are miniature in size and will come in a protective sleeve. These little paintings will be offered on my StoneFlur.etsy.com store for $9.50 ea.  I will post when they are up and ready to go.
Convo me on etsy if you would like one done in a different pose. Just in time for that little pony lover in your family to celebrate  Spring!

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