Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Miniature Art? Collectible? What is an ACEO?

Hi, Everyone! Well I just have to say there are many stories and descriptions of what an ACEO but of all the ones I have read over the last 6 years this is the one that I like the best. So this is my story and Im sticking with it!!

An Art Trading Card (ATC) and Art Card Edition or Original (ACEOs) is limited only in the size.
The standard is that it must be a work of art or reproduction that fits into the average sports trading card sleeve: 3.5 by 2.5 It can be any medium as long as it fits the standard.

Personally I have seen everything from bias relief sculptures to stained glass art to stone carvings and quilts in this Art Format. I use it quite often to practice for larger works of art. They tend to sell quickly and they are inexpensive enough for anyone of any age to begin collecting.

As the story was told to me when it was suggested that I start producing this sort of work, as far back as 1500's in Europe, Artists would make small works of art and trade them among themselves so they could study each other’s style and brush techniques. This was an inexpensive way to use scrap materials laying around the studio without going to a lot of expense, which artists could ill afford anyway especially under the Patron system.

During the Victorian age there were so many of these floating around that wealthy Victorians would collect them and display them in little frames. Also during that time with so much money available in advertising Art Trading Cards (ATC) became popular ways to promote manufactured goods and products. Children could collect the mass-produced cards the way parents collected china and glasses in boxes of oatmeal or soap. These can often be found in Antique shops.

Of course we all remember bubblegum cards of the 1950's and 1960's. I colelcted a few of those Monkee's cards myself as a child. Not to mention the Baseball cards that people everntually sold for thousands of dollars.

In recent years Artists have found a market for their small format works of art through the internet auction venues and selling at local shops and art festivals with reproductions of their larger paintings in the ATC format. Artists have also benefited from production of Small Original works of Art also known as Miniatures in the ATC format.

As for myself. From 2005 until 2008 I painted and sold over 1500 of these little original works of art both through local venues and online. I heard later that one frame shop in the region was kept busy for a summer season predominantly framing my little original watercolors of rabbits, horses, and piggies.

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