Friday, February 19, 2010

My Submission to the Virtual pARTy for February 2010

Well here we are in the middle of the snowy feburary and this is my  entry for the Virtual pARTy.

It was Percy’s long lashes that fascinated me. Of course I kept thinking I wanted to put some sort of inner picture in that eye; Like a dancing horse or a snow man reflection, However, instead as I looked closer  at the blown up image some abstract depth of a snowy landscape seems to have appeared..  Whoever looks at him will still beable to imagine some deep illusive thing about about the horse.

My Painting is called: “Snow Globe”. It is a 4 by 4 inch quickstudy watercolor using a combination of wet, dry and lifting techniques to achieve this snow scene close up of the horse’s eye.

Remember each of the participating artists has to use the same reference photo and complete their work of art in 24 hours.
February’s Virtual pARTy. is Hosted by Linda Shantz and Kim Santini
The reference photo of Percy was taken by Kim Santini
For Details about participation in event and to see the rest of the artist’s work go to The Virtual pARTy blog.
Submission ends Midnight Saturday February 20th, 2010


-Amber Jordan said...

Beautiful! Love it!

LLMartin said...

Thank you Amber =0)