Monday, May 05, 2008

Whew what a trip! And no I am not on Drugs.

This has been so amazing. I had all these plans about how this year was going to go. First I fall on New Year's Eve morning. I mean I was airborne and landed on my left arm.. jamming my rotator cuff. I litterly had a vision of the bone splitting. Fortunately it was just brusied and slightly disconnected. Followed by smashing my two kness into the walk. And later when I was at the hospital i discovred that I brused my left hip and stove i the ring finger on my right hand. I basicly spent the entire first week of January in my mom's lazy boy because I couldnt lay down.

Feburary was filled with recertifications, on housing, and my Pass and wouldnt you know that about a quater of the ebay sellers decided to have their annual strike at that time. So here I am going into March and the housing people said.. you gotta see this house.
Well I looked at it. And needless to say it took 27 days to move lock stock and barrel. (pictures to come) The house is amazing. It has a built in studio! A huge yard. and the first night I was here it was like I had lived here all my life. I love it!

So this week I am finally trying to settle down into a really great rutine. Where I work hard on painting.. train my new assistant.( im interviewing this week) and maybe make some serious goals come to pass. (like keeping up with this blog every week) Ive got a bunch of stuff to put up on this.. especially some new work in a new direction. So watch this space. The winds of change are truely blowing!!!!

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