Friday, May 16, 2008

Open Heaven, Art Inspired by the Lakeland Fla. Outpouring and Todd Bentley

The Painting: Open Heaven, A Picture of Prayer
9" x 12"Acrylic on Watercolor Paper
$300.00 Original; Signed prints on Demand $25.00 each
Painted 5/15/08 during live five feed of the event: Lakeland Florida Outpouring

by Linda L. Martin copyright©2008
All North and South American and World and Electronic Rights Reserved by the Artist

Back Story of this Painting:
Open Heaven
I wasn’t able to paint on Wednesday night because I had to work. But tonight the Holy Spirit didn’t just inspire me to paint one painting. He inspired me to paint two paintings in the spirit. The second I will tell you about after I post this one. This first one is the one I painted early in the evening.
I have to admit that I was really confused by it. I did hear someone relating a vision about a dome being over cities and God pouring out his Glory on those cities. I didn’t hear the entire prophesy because there was a lot of Lag on Wednesday Night. But when I tried to paint the dome, when I tried to paint the person bent over prone on the floor with arms out stretched.
God seemed to have other ideas. First as you know this type of painting can only be accomplished in the Spirit.. Meaning when you are completely yielded to the Holy Spirit.. Not just thinking or planning out of your head. I’m worshiping when I do mine. And I saw visions of the images as they need to be. Visions come from a completely different place in my brain than my imagination by the way. Next time I use my imagination I will have to focus so I can tell you where that is.
I can only say that visions come from outside… sometimes like a great window opening up and everything seems fuzzy or dark in the real world.. That’s an extreme description sometimes visions aren’t that dramatic.
I was seeing a vision of this person rocking on their knees and sometimes their hands were lifted others touching their face. They were pleading, feeling the humility of being in the presence of God. Angels were coming all around.. angles who were ministering to the person. Angles who were witnessing to the attitude and intent of the petitions, who were carrying the petitions to God, and even waiting to be assigned a job related to the petitions. The person was in the glory, the cloud.. the royal priest hood, the reason I think that there was so much purple. The angles with the turquoise were healing angels and those with purple were angels that brought wisdom. The angels, in white, brought power and boldness and purity.

I thought this painting was finished. But I kept seeing the light shining down from above on the intercessor, the petitioner. After I painted the light of purple.. and turquoise and white.. I saw.. Something that I had heard Todd say on Wednesday… the anointing.. The anointing of Holy oil of fire. The Holy Spirit poured it out on the petitioner.

This is anointing. This is open heaven. This is what happens when the Holy spirit surrounds a person who loves God, Angles come while the person is abiding, worshiping, crying out,.. And the angels minister, and they report, and they go out to make ready as God directs them. This is a picture of praying down the will of God and receiving his Glory in the process.

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UPDATE: I missed the first part of the Outpouring coverage this evening(5/17/08). A friend told me that Todd was back after being in California. She said he told everyone that the Spirit and the Glory were not strong in California, like they were in Lakeland. The reason was because in Lakeland they were experienceing an open heaven. How strange that I should paint it two days before he pronounced it in Lakeland. Glory to God! His mercy endures for ever.

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