Saturday, May 17, 2008

Electronic Impartation:Todd Bentley, Lakeland Fla Outpouring

Electronic Impartation: Art Inspired by Todd Bentley and the Lakeland Outpouring

9" x 12"Acrylic on Watercolor Paper
$300.00 Original; Signed prints on Demand $25.00 each
Painted 5/15/08 during live five feed of the event: Lakeland Florida Outpouring

by Linda L. Martin copyright©2008

All North and South American and World and Electronic Rights Reserved by the Artist

The Back Story: Electronic Impartation

Thursday night was such a weird night as far as painting was going. First I am inspired to paint this painting of Prayer: the OPEN Heaven.

Next I am prompted to painting one of Impartation. Now the weird thing about this impartation painting is that just minutes before Todd Bentley called attention to those of us watching the Lakeland Outpouring via the internet. He gave a blessing and impartation to the Healing virtue, evangelism and raising the dead. Then he blew toward the camera. I knew immediately that I needed to paint that.

Well as most of you know who have seen worship paintings or painted them they happen really fast. Within minutes I had the painting laid out on the paper. I kept seeing in my spirit Todd’s hand on the computer screen.

While I was painting the Pastor of Ignited Church was reading testimonies from his laptop as he often does for a brief time during each session.

Within seconds I had painted Todd, and I kept seeing his hand touching the computer screen. In side I was fighting it but it wasn’t seconds after I painted Todd’s hand on the screen that he placed his hand upon the screen and began praying a prayer of impartation over all of the people who were watching over the internet and over all those who sent in emails for this impartation of healing, evangelism and miracles. My prayer warrior buddy was on the cell phone also watching. But watching on God TV. I said “WOW! You won’t believe this! I just painted Todd’s hand on the computer screen and then they showed it on TV!”

Usually there is a few seconds lag on the showing and when it actually happens. So I am guessing that I must have had the vision of him placing his hand on the TV at about the same moment he actually did it.

I think the purpose of this interesting coincidence is that God is trying to train me through his spirit to pay attention to the visions he gives me in order to strengthen my faith and to share my testimony of it. I’m expecting that things similar to this will have more often. I don’t think that I am the only one they happen to either. I would love to hear from other artist’s that are having experiences like this while executing worship paintings.

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