Saturday, May 10, 2008

Lakeland Outpouring inspired Art: Nothing but the Blood

Nothing But the Blood Of Jesus
9" x 12"Acrylic on Watercolor Paper
Original $300.00; Signed prints on Demand $25.00 each

by L.L.Martin copyright©2008
All electronic, world and North and South American rights reserved.

May 9, 2008

It was so awsome to see on live feed vid all those people across the grass at the air field, the hungry, the poor, the rich in the spirit of God, those who needed spritual healing , those who needed physical healing.. thousands... spread out across the darkened field and off in the distance were white flags of worship waving in the dark and reflecting the light of the stage like beacons in the dark, covered in the blood of Jesus, fired by the anointing fire of the holy spirit, and the glory falling upon them like a blanket of love and power to take with them.

Its in the atmosphere. In the praises of the people, It filled the place. Glory to the Living God. My favorite moment was when the people sang the name of Jesus in worship and adoration. Its so amazing that the people of God for that breif time.. are unified in the worship of God. Isnt that a prophetic hint of sorts..that the way we are truely united as a body.. past physical limits, racial, cultural, denomination is not through some concious act of deciding to come together, but in the total abandonment to the worship of the Lamb. Whew! Thats not emotion thats the Atmosphere God abides with us in.

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