Monday, May 05, 2008

Healing Fire: Art inspired by the Lakeland Fla Outpouring

Healing Fire #1

"No High like the Most High", Todd Bentley
Take a Coal:

No this is not the buring man celebration!
Healing Fire #2
Ok now I admit these look a little weird. But most of the testamonies at the Lakeland Revival talk of burning and fire of God flowing through them.

Is there Biblical presidence for this?

Absolutely. In Acts 2 the is a testamony of the Holy Spirit falling on people and appearing like toungues of fire on each person's head.

Once this appeared on the people waiting for the Holy Spirit to come, they went out and thousands were presented the good news of Christ Jesus and received him. In this case this represents the Healing fire. (yes most of my figures here wear baggy jeans and t-shirts. If you remember the old "GoodNews for Modern Man" Bible with all its stick figure illustrations these seem to be a step up from that.)

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