Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fill the Ditches
Art Inspired by Todd Bentley and the Lakeland Outpouring
Painted by Linda L.Martin
9" x 12"Acrylic on Watercolor Paper
$300.00 Original; Signed prints on Demand $25.00 each
Painted 5/24/08 during live five feed of the event: Lakeland Florida Outpouring

by Linda L. Martin copyright©2008 All North and South American and World and Electronic Rights Reserved by the Artist

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Back Story:

What a night. The entire praise band was on the floor tonight all under the Glory. I was thinking well maybe I should do a painting of Roy on the floor. I am still bummed about missing his session last saturday. The live feed wasnt working and I never did find if they recorded it.

I found out tonight that I will be sending some of the reproductions of this work to Todd and His wife. My seed. I dont have any money to donate but God gave me tallent and some small resourches so I am planting on Tuesday!(This is a holiday weekend the Post offices are closed until Tuesday next week.)

So tonight they brought back the guy with the prosthetic legs. Lastnight he could see through his glass eye. Tonight his legs had grown so much that his custom made artifical legs wouldnt stay on. AND the friends who came with him told him his eye looked like it was bulging out. He not only can he see but he feels like a new eye is growing.

I wonder what it must feel like to have all these changes in your body and realize that the hand of God is on you. You are helpless and awed. And things are happening in your body that are bringing about a complete change in your life. Angels are all around your ministering to your body and spirit. The very hand of God is upon your body and restoring it to what he originially intended it to be. Glory Glory Glory!!! To the living God. Thank you Jesus!

Todd Spoke about digging ditches in a dry valley and that they would be filled up even though there was a drought. Then the rains of God's glory would come. ( there is a verse in the Bible he read but Im really really tired, maybe I will look it up another time) Imagine in this dry thirsty world all filled with death and hopless ness God is seeking out people who are hungry for his heart to pour out his love, healing Glory etc too. And the way you keep it for your self is to give it away.. because you cant outgive God. he just keeps filling you up and overflowing you. wow! Thankyou Jesus!

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