Friday, May 09, 2008

Angel of Glory:Lakeland, FL Outpouring Inspired Art by LLMartin

Angel of Glory like a Whirlwind.
Painted on 5/8/08 by LLMartin
9" by 12" (ready to matt and frame)
Acrylic Polymer on Watercolor Paper
Originial Painting: Available for $300.oo Signed Prints on Demand: $25.oo each

by L.L.Martin copyright©2008
All electronic, world and North and South American rights reserved.

I missed alot of the meeting tonight because we were under a tornado watch and connection issues on the God.TV web site were causing freezes and delays. I did get to hear about Todd Bently telling everyone to hold hands and he would touch one person and the anointing would flow through each person. he also talked about the whirlwind angel. Funny thing was I painted it(the angel) like 15 minutes before he said it. It made me laugh at how prophetic these paintings can be sometimes. Glory Glory to the Lord God Almighty.

It was really good to see Roy back tonight. He really has such a gift for leading worship. The two days he was gone must have done him good because the atmosphere he provided seeped like a gushing torrent right into my studio tonght. Very very awesome!

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