Monday, May 05, 2008

Eagles and Fish: Lakeland Florida Outpouring Inspired Art

The first night of the venue change to the Tiger's Stadium in Lakeland, Florida as the opening announcements were being made, suddenly three eagles with fish in their mouths astonished the crowd by flying over the ball field. The God TV camera panned to the trees the three had landed in and like some amazingly timed prophetic symbol all the world could see them sitting in the trees on the other side of the stadium.

I wasn't a first hand witness, I watched it on my computer with 100 million people in 156 countries. Its an interesting end time twist. That we can see this amazing outpouring in a History making proportion on line, over the air ways, linked by satellites. But its not the same as being there. I'm there in spirit until God changes something in my life. I'm there praying for everyone concerned, partnering a widows might of intercession. and Sitting here in Remington Virginia painting my heart, documenting what I see and what I experience. Crazy...maybe .. but in reality God has no limits. I'm so loving it. The back log of commissions I am working are getting daily attention too. My painting is getting better for it.

Here are the three eagles with three fish. In three ACEO sized One of a Kind paintings one eagle and one fish in each. You can contact me at: or watch the revival on 7pm to 11pm edt.

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