Monday, May 12, 2008

Resting in Worship: Lakeland Outpouring Inspired OOAK Art

Glory Flood
9" x 12"Acrylic on Watercolor Paper
$300.00; Signed prints on Demand $25.00 each
painted 5/12/08 during live five feed of the event:Lakeland Florida Outpouring

by L.L.Martin copyright©2008
All electronic, world and North and South American rights reserved.

Tonight in Lakeland the mood was different. The awe inspiring realization that you can not do it yourself, that with out God things wont be accomplished. The Pouring out.. of God's Spirit of Glory can only come with a heart that is made pure .. having repented and being receptive to the will of God.. one must worship.. then wait, resting in his glory and He works the change in you. Renewed heart and mind.. focused on him, his love, his compassion, his joy, his desire, his power, his grace.

Worship of God, through Christ Jesus is the only way this can happen. And God will pour out his glory upon you... and pour it as a stream to rest in.. nourish your spirit and renew your heart and mind. And when you are ready and filled and overflowing with this wonderful Glory... he leaves with in you the burning fire of his passion..that only power by which anything true and purposeful in his will is accomplished.

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